Patent, Utility Model

We take the following application process to ensure that our client obtains a patent with the widest possible scope of rights.

  1. Consultation with client
  2. Determine application strategies
  3. Prepare application documents(e.g. via e-mail)
  4. Review by client
  5. File application

Throughout this process, we remain focused on obtaining a patent that promises profits in the future, that is, to produce a patent right that can be effectively utilized.

We sort out more valuable inventions in the market based on our experience by expert testimony and technical analysis, and support an acquisition of patents by focusing on being utilized them after establishment of right.

Technical Fields
Electric / Electronics / Semiconductors / Information technologies / Telecommunications / Medical devices / Mechanical engineering / Physics / Materials / Computer software / Business models and other

Foreign Patent Filing under PCT / Paris Convention

We have more to offer than just agency services for foreign patent filing; Attorneys and special staffs provide you a total support including:

  • Proposal of technical comments and amendments based on in-depth analysis
  • Technical translation of Office Actions.

Our features

1. Procedure proceeded by Special staffs
Office members are consisted of five; three of them have a 2nd grade of Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management, two of 3rd grade, and two technical translators.
Our specialized staff with the knowledge in intellectual property and linguistic skill would take over the substitute in the exchange with the representative of each country all together.
2. Technical comments and amendments
We suggest appropriate procedures and arguments based on PCT system and the legal system of each country.

Design applications

Design application is for protecting industrial designs.
It is not only useful for protecting outstanding designs, but also as a measure against imitations and counterfeit products.
We offer effective application methods based on projections for future commercialization of the designs.
For instance, recently there is an increase in applications for the special forms mentioned below.

1.Partial design

Partial design is useful when there is a partially distinguished or inventive design in a product.
It allows design patent holder to exclude the other companies imitating the characterized part, although the product is not alike as the whole.

For example…

  • a common chair with high quality design on leg.
  • an ordinary mug with unique designed handle.

2.Screen design

Screen design is a system included in partial design, specialized in screen designs of electricity such as mobile phone and digital camera.

It does not simply mean to protect icons and decorations of the screen; but it protects the screen designs which demonstrate the function of the apparatus such as the speaker selection screen of the mobile phone, and the light adjust screen of the camera.

Apart from those application types mentioned above, by proposing the optimal protection form from the various application methods, we support acquiring the design patents which are effective in excluding exploitation of the other companies.
We further offer a total service including not only advising on acquisition of right, but also making design drawings or design photographs in accordance with the type of design application.

Trademarks applications

In recent years, as a part of corporate branding strategies, there is a growing importance of trademark.
With this, the troubles over trademark right increase rapidly.
We support suitable trademark applications from both sides of the view point; safe use of trademarks and branding strategy to have a lead over competing company.

If you have troubles like;

  • You have ideas and concepts but do not have specific image of the trademark,
  • Another company has already acquired the same trademark right,

please contact us.

Before the application stage, we would listen to your thoughts and concepts toward trademarks, and propose alternatives with registration possibility.

Our firm offers support for appropriate trademark registration application in terms of ensuring business continuity through safe use of trademarks as well as branding strategies to have a lead against competitors.
We also support the management of trademark rights after they are successfully registered.

*Protecting local brand*

  • you want to activate the area with brand foods but you don’t know how to build a brand-name
  • you have a local specialty with excellent quality but low sales.

If you have problems over local brands, those problems might be solved by promoting local brand using trademark.

Trademark does not only show the origin of the product, but also raise reliability and notability of the local specialty product, with naming and characterized logo.

We propose various application methods which have possibility of registration, such as regional collective trademark.
Also, we support branding and acquiring trademark right for local revitalization.

Foreign Trademark applications (Madrid Protocol)

Japanese companies are increasingly becoming conscious of acquiring trademark right in foreign countries including China. Among them, there is a growing number in use of Madrid Protocol which allows the applicants to acquire the right quickly and efficiently.

After carrying out the preliminary survey of the trademark database by the specialized staff, we would give advice on the method of suitable trademark right acquisition based on the difference in the trademark right system of each country.

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