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Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information
Upon inquiry, clients will be requested to provide us with certain personal information. The personal information we receive will be handled according to the management procedures indicated below, and every effort will be made to ensure its protection.
Definition of Personal Information
“Personal information” is information that pertains to an individual and consists of information that can be used to identify that individual, such as the individual’s name, birthdate, address, telephone number, FAX number, e-mail address, or portrait.
Purpose of Use
Personal information submitted to us will be used for appropriate measures to address the subject of the client’s inquiry, for provision of information for our services, etc. in the field of inquiry, and for submission to questionnaires and the like, and it will never be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
Submission to Third Parties
Except in cases where specified by law, the personal information of clients inquiring with us will never be disclosed or submitted to third parties without the client’s agreement.
Entrustment of Personal Information
Entrustment of personal information will never be carried out.
Voluntary Nature of Personal Information Provision
The personal information for an inquiry includes both items that are required to be provided and items whose provision is voluntary. Please be aware that if items of required personal information are not provided, it will not be possible for us to address the inquiry.
Management Procedures for Personal Information
The personal information we receive will be managed under strict control by our office.
Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information
Clients may make a request regarding their personal information that we possess, such as for notification of its purpose of use; its disclosure; correction, addition, or deletion of content if its content is not correct; suspension of its use; its complete erasure; or suspension of its provision to third parties (hereafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”). To make requests for disclosure, etc. or to submit complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please use the contact information indicated above. Note that when carrying out these procedures, confirmation of the identity of the requesting party may be required.

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